For Those Who Dare To Catch Bigger Fish

Welcome to the all new Savage Gear USA website!

We set out to create the ultimate website to display the finest lures made, while also creating a fierce allegiance of anglers that share an uncommon desire to target the largest fish of any species that swims.

Here are some of the tools in place to achieve both goals:


Overview: Skim products quickly and easily. Grab a quick look at finishes. If you see something you’d like a closer look at, click the Color and Specs tab!

Color and Specs: With a full 4X zoom on an already large image, we want you to have a seriously close look at the beautiful detail in every lure finish.

Technique: This is a team event- us, you, everybody. We invite you to join us in detailing lure presentations that drive big fish crazy. In this section, our collective skills can add more to every day on the water. Twitch it, crank it, burn it, we want to know target species and how you’re using the lures to maximum success. Keep the locations to yourself. The goal here is not to increase pressure on a specific spot, but rather, deliver the tools that increase all of our bag of tricks wherever fishing takes us. We’ll be updating these sections with information from our Pro-Staff and encourage you to send in your techniques too!

Rigging: Look for video rigging tips to assist in getting the most out of the lures.


Savage Gear is proudly distributed in the United States by Okuma Fishing Tackle. In order to serve you better, the two websites are linked. If you are shopping on either website and want to make a purchase from the other also, you can do that in one single purchase. The shopping carts are unified so that you fill out your information just once and pay just one shipping fee for it all!


Absolutely, it’s free and it’s a good read. Mainly, we keep you up to date on new products, new finishes, promotions and special purchase opportunities, then add some fun stuff in the form of videos and techniques. We don’t slam your inbox like we’re your new BFF and we never sell or exchange your contact info with anyone.

Thank you for checking out the site and if you have suggestions on information you’d like to see but cannot find, shoot us a note at the email addresses on the Contact page.