An Unforgettable Redfish Strike..

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The sheer thought of getting out and fishing in 42 degree weather will keep most “men” at home. When it is your only day to fish and you know everything else is spot on for a good day… you just gotta man up and go. So my buddy spent the night and we headed north. Arrived right before the sun came up was starting to lose feeling in my fingers before we even left ha. At this point there is only one thing to really “warm” me up and this is locking onto some redfish…. and that is what happened! Just minutes after we arrived we were already seeing redfish. The first one I came up on is the first one that was missed in the video. Was a little bummed I missed it but was excited that the fish were active. We continued to work the area and I managed a nice 25.5″ redfish along a bank. After that I took a side “bend around” pretty much a little narrow cut that goes around a spoil island. I got half way and just had that feeling and thought to myself.. “alright where you at?” as soon as I ended that thought I got that crisp, bright copper flash RIGHT in front of me.. the fish stayed calm and actually stuck his head down in the mud. Made my cast and actually reeled up and over the redfish’s body (not a smart thing to do but I had no choice) which got his attention and he well.. he gave me the most unforgettable and my favorite redfish take..ever..  I still can’t stop thinking about that fish.  Simply unforgettable.  Hope you enjoy the video!