Savage Gear’s Award Winning Hard Bait for ICAST 2016-The 3D Suicide Duck

Suicide DuckOur new innovative Duck lure has been causing a stir in the pond and in the fishing industry. It won “Best of Show” at the ICAST industry show in Orlando Florida for the hard lure category this past week. This will be our third year winning a “Best of Show” award at the annual ICAST show, we are calling it our “3-peat” of the previous years.
Our 3D Suicide Duck will be great for hungry pike, musky and bass looking for a fluffy and easy snack. It has spinning webbed feet that mimic a fleeing duck when attached to the line. This spinning action creates a bubbling trail behind the duck, the lure can be fished fast or slow for a different effect. They are rigged with both top and bottom hook configuration so anglers can customize the bait for any fishing

Check out the 3D Duck in action in this ICAST 2016 clip from Tackle Warehouse.


It is the first of its kind in our Savage Gear product lineup but we are always looking to broaden our horizons with our new products so be sure to look for our new product additions such as the 3D Rad Rat and the 3D Burbot this fall on our site The new 3D Ducks will be available for sale around September, check your local retailer for arrival dates.

6 thoughts on “Savage Gear’s Award Winning Hard Bait for ICAST 2016-The 3D Suicide Duck

    • Hi Nort- You can call customer service at 1-800-Go-Okuma and ask for Ron or Eddie. They should have replacement feet available.

  1. Our Suicide Duck arrived today. Very cool. Can’t wait to try it. But what are the small silver beads for? If they are rattles, as I think, how do I insert them? If, as my wife suggests, they are replacements for holding on the swiveling duck feet, I will hear “I told you so!”

    • Hi Billy,
      Sorry for the late reply here as I never saw this post. They are in fact for the feet. Its a couple months late, but you’ll probably still get the I Told You So.

  2. I recently purchased 6 of your Suicied Ducks. Two of each
    color ( a for a friend and one for myself)— Looking at the packages I noticed that two Ducks (Yellow Duck and the two Wood Duck) have a 2.25 inch steel bar with eyes at both ends contained within the package — BUT the Black Duck has no steel bar at all. I verified the lack of a steel bar by opening one of the Black Duck packages.
    My questions: 1/ What is the Steel bar use for? (Type of a Steel Leader ?) 2/ Should the Black Duck package contain the same steel bar? 3/ If they are needed — How do I obtain two more steel bars.
    I checked with the store I purchased them from( Dick’s Sporting Goods)and they could not give me an answer.
    I would appreciate your comments and recomendations.
    Thank You ——– Frank Albrecht

    • Hello Frank,
      The Steel Bar is a stinger hook extender bar. This is a recent addition to the recent packaging, so unfortunately we do have some mixed inventory. Going forward, all new production will have the extender bar. Here is a video explaining how the extender bar is rigged.

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