Savage Gear 3D Bluegill Is Big Fish Candy

Wherever bluegill are present, they are heavily targeted by bass, pike, musky and a multitude of gamefish.  Based on a 3-dimensional scan of actual bluegill and featuring true-to-life Savage Gear swimbait action, the 3D Bluegill swimbait blurs the line between live bait and artificial like no previous lure has ever accomplished.

Savage Gear Bluegill

The Savage Gear Bluegill is perfect imitation of the live fish. Two sizes include a 5-inch rigged and 6-inch line-thru models.

The exceptional design of the 3D Bluegill becomes very apparent on the water. The action is extremely stable, delivering a wide, rhythmic swimming action on a slow retrieve. Then, the lure can be burned, tightening up the action, but not rolling over. On a hard pause, the 3D Bluegill kicks sideways and coasts to a stop, remaining perfectly vertical.

The 3D Bluegill is available in two sizes and four colors. The 5-inch length is rigged with fixed hooks. The 6-inch 3D Bluegill features line-thru rigging with available top or bottom hook positions. Both sizes are available in the angler’s choice of floating or sinking, and four colors that include Light Gill, Dark, Gill, Redear and Citrus Gill.


Savage Gear’s 3D Crayfish Celebrates Double Victory at Efftex

This calls for a celebration!!


Savage Gear’s 3D EFFTEX Awards

This is the third year that Savage Gear is celebrating receiving an award for having the best soft lure in Europe and this year it was a double whammy, two awards at one show! At the 32nd annual European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition (EFFTEX for short) in Vienna, Savage Gear’s 3D Crayfish took the prestigious award of “Best New Soft Lure” as well as the overall “Visitors Choice award”.

Mads Grosell (Product Manager of Savage Gear) is ecstatic; he is so grateful and proud to be able to share these awesome news with everyone “[Savage Gear] would like to thank our customers, journalist and partners for the fantastic support!!” Mads said it right, we definitely couldn’t have done it without you all of you!

For those of you who haven’t seen the 3D Crayfish in action, check it out here.  

The 3D crayfish is an ultra-realistic soft lure that was modeled and sculpted after real crayfish. We studied the movement and the escape patterns of Crayfish so that we can make a lure that is irresistible to predator fish. They are specifically designed to respond in the same manner as crayfish would under water. Their Air filled claws give it a defensive posture as well as a natural stance to appeal to predators.


Mads Grosell and Lars Svendsen (Owner of Savage Gear) standing by their awards with pride

For those in the U.S who are itching to see the 3D crayfish up-close and personal, you won’t have to wait too long. On July 9th Savage Gear USA will be introducing the new line of 3D Crayfish at the 2013 ICAST convention. The show will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from July 9th to July 12th this year. Savage Gear will also be introducing many other new lures so be sure to check it out.

Now that’s definitely a reason to celebrate! For Those Who Dare To Catch Bigger Fish

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