Great NEW Products From SAVAGE GEAR!

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Utilizing the latest in 3D Technologies available, the Savage Gear team created the first of its kind, 3D-scanned, topwater, crawling, bat bait. Available in two sizes, 4”- 1oz, and 5”- 2oz. The 3D Bat features a hard ABS body and stainless wings on the larger size, and aluminum wings on the smaller size. The 3D Bat also incorporates a high pitched built-in rattle, as well as, super frantic, noisy action that calls in predators from a long distance. The 3D Bat comes in three colors, Black Bat, Grey Bat, and Brown Bat. MSRP $19.99- $24.99

3D Goby Tube
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The 3D Goby Tube is the first of its kind, 3D Scanned Goby tube style bait that perfectly mimics Goby and freshwater Sculpin baitfish. The 3D Goby features dramatic detail such as side and dorsal fins that make for gliding action on the fall that triggers intense reaction strikes. These baits can be fished numerous ways and built to accept any tube style jig head from 1/8oz to 3/4oz. The 3D Goby Tube is available in two sizes, 3 ½” and 4” lengths.  The 3D Goby was design with Match the Hatch mentality in mind releasing twelve distinct colors.  MSRP $4.99

3D Hollow Body Fruck
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The 3D Hollow Body Fruck was created to be the ultimate in a stealthy top water bait, combining the body of a Duck with the legs of a Frog to create the Fruck. The Fruck has a soft collapsible body and ultra- strong, ultra-sharp double hook. With its slim design, and dangling feet, the Fruck has a great side to side, walk the dog style action that you can drag across stumps, weeds and lily pads.  Available in two sizes, 3”- 3/4oz and 4”- 1 1/2oz floating designs.  The 3D Fruck is available in six colors. MSRP $9.99

3D Back Lip Diver
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The 3D Back Lip Diver is a hard bodied, long casting bait. The Lip of the bait is attached to the belly and folds while in the air for ultra-long distance casts. The belly lip also creates a seductive side to side belly roll. Available in two sizes, 4” 3/4oz and 5 ¼” 1 1/2oz the bait has a slow sink action that you can count down and fish multiple depths on a medium retrieve. Available in five colors, Bone, Dirty Silver, Fire Tiger, Hitch, and Sexy Shad, these baits make for a perfect search bait for covering big areas of water. MSRP $9.99- $11.99

4D Line Thru Trout
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The new Savage Gear 4D Line Thru Trout features new 4D Photo Print Patterns that come in Brown Trout, Dark Trout, and Light Trout, and comes impregnated with scent.  Available in 3 sizes- 6”- 1 1/4oz, 8”- 3 1/3oz, and 10”- 6 1/3oz lengths and weights, as well as a slow sink action.  The new 4D Line Thru has a new internal harness that allows for a thicker line to be passed through as well as a line thru modifier.  MSRP $14.99- $27.99

New Savage Gear Goby Tube- A game changer in the tube market

The 2017 Bassmaster Classic in Houston marked the official release of the Savage Gear 3D Goby Tube, and these baits were a hit.

3D Goby Tube

The Savage Gear 3D Goby Tube is just that, a 3D molded Goby that matches and mimics both Goby and freshwater Sculpin species.  The bait has incredibly lifelike details from facial features, down to the fins.


Bryan Simons with a nice Smallmouth that big his 3D Goby


Largemouth cant resist the gliding action of the 3D Goby

The side fins on the 3D Goby make for a gliding action on the fall that triggers fierce reaction strikes.  This bait is perfect for dragging or hopping techniques.  The most excitement seemed to be the guys that were interested in fishing these as a drop shot.  They said it was a secret though, so don’t let the bait out of the bag.

You can really get a good look at the detail in this side profile of the Light Pumpkin Candy Color.

3D Goby Tube


Fishing the Goby is easy.  You can insert any tube style jig head from 1/8oz to 3/4oz.  The Goby is available in 3.5 inch and 4 inch sizes and comes in 12 of the hottest smallmouth and largemouth bass colors.

While at the Bassmaster Classic, the guys from stopped by the booth to take a look at the baits and see them in action. Here is the video that they put out from the show featuring Dave Brown from Okuma/Savage Gear.

The Savage Gear 3D Goby Tubes are slowly trickling through the sales stream and should be at a retailer near you soon.  If you don’t see them, ask for them by name.

More information on the Savage Gear 3D Goby Tube will be up on our website shortly.

Feel the Vibe

On a recent trip down to El Salto Lake outside of Mazatlan Mexico, the guys from Savage Gear got into a wide open bite on the Fat Vibe baits.  With the incredible side to side vibration, loud distinctive rattle, and swim action on the fall, these baits just plain got it done.  The action was fast and furious, and the bass just kept coming.

The Savage Gear Fat Vibe lipless crankbait was designed to fish the entire water column drawing strikes from a great distance.

Fat Vibe largemouth

The distinct rattling noise and exaggerated belly makes the Fat Vibe deadly on a lift and fall retrieve.

Fat Vibe Largemouth

The Fat Vibe does not spiral down on the fall like most lipless crankbaits, but rather has a side-to-side swimming action on the fall.

Nice Largemouth Fat Vibe

Available in the hottest colors with high quality, super sharp hooks.

Fat Vibe Colors

Here is a video with a more detailed look at the baits and description by Savage Gear USA Product Manager Mike Bennett.





Introducing Savage Gear Lure Bags



The wait is over. Savage Gear tackle bags have finally arrived in the U.S. These heavy-duty bags are designed by anglers, for anglers. Offered in a multiple of styles to help fit the needs of all types of anglers, no matter where or what they are fishing for. These bags are a practical way to transport and store your baits that will in turn lengthen their lifespan. All bags feature a tough 600D non-rip polyester fabric. This durable fabric will last for many years and fishing adventures to come. The zippers are also built tough and made to last, they are corrosion resistant. This is especially useful for all those saltwater fishermen out there.


Savage Gear Lure Specialist Bag

One of the bags offered is our Lure Specialist Large Shoulder Bag. This bag will work great for all you on the go fisherman out there who need easy access to your selection of lures.

Savage Lure Specialist Bag

Savage Lure Specialist Bag

This bag includes one deep 3730-size tackle tray and a 3700-size tray that both fit in the main pocket. Inside the flap of the main pocket there is a clear pocket that can be useful for storing and viewing your fishing license or map. This bag also features a spare rod holder system and an adjustable padded shoulder strap for comfort. There is an easy access tool holder on the side that is perfect fit for pliers. This bag also has an extra mesh pocket on the back and two side pockets for additional storage.

Another bag introduced in the line is the Shoulder Sling Bag. This bag is both comfortable and practical. The front pocket folds down to create a useful standing work station.

Savage Gear Shoulder Sling Bag

Savage Gear Shoulder Sling Bag

The tackle tray attached to the front pocket has a Velcro strap that keeps it secured so you can work with your tackle without the worry of dropping your tray. This bag includes a 3600-size tackle tray and five heavy duty poly zipper bags. Clips on the side of the bag make it convenient to clip on any extra tools you might need. The side of the bag features a spot to hold your extra rod or landing net. It also comes with a spare strap so you can secure the bag to your waist as well. They also added a handy pocket on the side to hold your drink, which can be especially useful for a thirsty fisherman.

Savage Gear Shoulder Sling Bag

Savage Gear Shoulder Sling Bag

Last but definitely not least are the Savage Gear System Box’s. These bags are offered in three different sizes. The small sized bag includes three 3550-size tackle trays, along with three heavy duty poly zipper bags. The smaller bag works great for smaller lures or finesse fishing. The medium sized bag includes a bit more storage at three 3600-size tackle trays with 3 heavy duty poly zipper bags. The large bag is made for the lure fanatic and is especially useful for larger swimbaits. This bag includes the most storage at two 3700-size tackle trays, one deep 3730-size tackle tray, and a 2000-size tackle tray that fits in the side pocket. All sizes of bags feature a front compartment for easy access items, such as cell phones or smaller equipment. They also all feature an elastic bungee top that can be extremely useful to hold extra jackets or material etc.

System Box- Small

System Box- Small

System Box- Small

System Box- Small

System Box-Medium

System Box-Medium

System Box-Medium

System Box-Medium

System Box- Large

System Box- Large

System Box- Large

These bags are an awesome addition to the Savage Gear line, and for any fisherman out there who needs an easy way to transport and store their lures while out on the water. These bags are now available for sale at

Savage Gear’s Award Winning Hard Bait for ICAST 2016-The 3D Suicide Duck

Suicide DuckOur new innovative Duck lure has been causing a stir in the pond and in the fishing industry. It won “Best of Show” at the ICAST industry show in Orlando Florida for the hard lure category this past week. This will be our third year winning a “Best of Show” award at the annual ICAST show, we are calling it our “3-peat” of the previous years.
Our 3D Suicide Duck will be great for hungry pike, musky and bass looking for a fluffy and easy snack. It has spinning webbed feet that mimic a fleeing duck when attached to the line. This spinning action creates a bubbling trail behind the duck, the lure can be fished fast or slow for a different effect. They are rigged with both top and bottom hook configuration so anglers can customize the bait for any fishing

Check out the 3D Duck in action in this ICAST 2016 clip from Tackle Warehouse.


It is the first of its kind in our Savage Gear product lineup but we are always looking to broaden our horizons with our new products so be sure to look for our new product additions such as the 3D Rad Rat and the 3D Burbot this fall on our site The new 3D Ducks will be available for sale around September, check your local retailer for arrival dates.

Savage Gear 3D Rad (Rat) Offers A Substantial Meal


Truly big fish don’t live on tiny minnows and bugs. To fuel a need for big calories, trophy bass, musky, pike and brown trout target meals with substance, that make the exertion necessary to kill the prey worth the effort. To truly big fish, rats and field mice are a special treat, and the all-new Savage Gear 3D Rad delivers the perfect illusion.

The 3D Rad is based upon a 3-dimensional scan of an actual rat for true-to-life detail.  The body of the bait features dual joints to swim with supreme realism. Front legs are also jointed, breaking up the rigidity of the bait and furthering an incredibly natural look. Two line tie positions offer differing presentations. Connected to the upper line tie, the 3D Rad swims just subsurface, body fully immersed, offering a strong visual presence. Connected to the lower line tie, the bait rides higher, on the surface, putting off an amazing wake while swimming with a fluid, lifelike action.

The 3D Rad comes in two sizes and four colors for all locations and conditions.  Length of 7.75” and 11.75” include the length of the tail. Both sizes include options for hook locations.  In addition to belly placements, an optional hook location is available on the back of the 11.75” size so this bait can be rigged to fish over matted vegetation or other surface structure. Finish options include White, Brown, Gray and Black to match available live mammals or create attention-grabbing contrast.

Each bait includes one body and two tails. Due to the violence with which fish strike the 3D Rad, repair kits are available for each size (sold separately).  Each repair kit includes one tail, one set ears, one set arms and one set legs.

Savage Gear 3D Rad

Twin joints and two pull positions give this rat an action like no other.

2-Inch TPE Crab Adds Perfect Middle Size

A fishing industry Best of Show award winner in 2014, the Savage Gear Crab family has been expanded with a new 2-inch size that fits between current 1- and 3-inch models to perfectly match prevalent bait size. Tarpon, redfish and bottom fish anglers now have an exacting artificial in fisheries where crab dominate the bite.

TPE Crab

With blue crab (shown) and peeler crab colors, the TPE Crab is ultra-relaistic in form , action and finish.

The Savage Gear TPE Crab is constructed from Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) material. In comparison to standard PVC models, these baits are ultra-tough, standing up to large predators through many battles. TPE material also allows for refined finishes that come together with 3-dimensional scanning to create a world-class imitation.

Pre-rigged on a textured stand-up jig head and featuring air-filled claws, the TPE crab offers a defensive posture and true-to-life action that completes the ultimate illusion. Available finishes include

The TPE Crab should be stored separately, never in contact with PVC to avoid reactions between the two materials.

Savage Gear Pushes Trophy Fish Over The Edge With New Suicide Duck

Each Spring, a new crop of ducklings hatches across North American ponds, lakes and big rivers. In their early days, these young are an easy meal for big bass, musky and pike. The new Savage Gear Suicide Duck mimics a distressed hatchling that’s been separated from the brood, offering an easy meal, and generating explosive strikes from the largest fish.

Suicide Duck

With two sizes and three colors, the Suicide Duck delivers amazing topwater action and majorly impressive strikes.

The Suicide Duck is a dual prop topwater bait available in two sizes, 4.25” (1oz.) and 6” (2.75oz.) and three colors, Yellow Duck, Wood Duck and Black Bird. This hard body bait fishes on a straight wind, or a pull and pause retrieve, with spinning feet throwing water in all directions to pull fish from great distances. The body sits low in the water with an outstretched head position, exactly like ducks that are trying to hide from predators.

The Suicide Duck comes rigged with two hook positions, one on the back, the other under the front of the body. Either can be removed to customize the bait for any fishing situation.

Winner of three awards at the European EFFTX show, the new Savage Gear Suicide Duck gives big fish anglers something truly different to excite trophy fish.

Savage Gear 3D PVC Mayfly Nymph A Tactical Solution

On the same bodies of water, fly anglers focus their technique on aquatic insects, while lure anglers focus predominantly on baitfish imitations and crustaceans. Both angler groups can experience great success in the proper periods. Offering a critical insect imitation to lure anglers, Savage Gear has introduced the all-new 3D PVC Mayfly Nymph.

3D PVC Mayfly

Aquatic insects are a key forage items for bass, trout, walleye and panfish.

Mayfly Nymphs emerge in the spring, offering an easily-hunted and protein-laden meal for all freshwater game fish like panfish, trout, bass, walleye and steelhead. The Savage Gear PVC Mayfly Nymph was created utilizing 3-dimensionsal scanning of real nymphs for ultimate realism. Two sizes, including 2- and 2.5” lengths feature life-like antennae, legs and segmented tails that deliver exceptional swimming action.

The 3D PVC Mayfly Nymph are easily and successfully rigged on light jig heads, split shot and drop shot rigs. Under an active retrieve the segmented body delivers an active swimming action. On the pause, legs and antennae undulate, completing the perfect illusion.

Five finishes include Black and Brown for natural imitations, and White Sparkle, Chartreuse Sparkle and Bubble Gum pink for attractor patterns.

New Line Thru 3D Shad A Big Bait That Bites Back

Shad are a foundational baitfish across bass, striper, musky and pike fisheries. While many rely upon small crankbaits to represent juvenile shad, anglers targeting trophy fish look to imitate full-sized adult shad to draw what could be their strike of a lifetime. The new Savage Gear 3D Shad combines state-of-the-art 3-dimensional scanning and Savage Gear’s ultra-realistic swimming action in 7- and 10-inch baits to target the largest fish.

Big stripers, musky and pike look to mature shad for sizeable meals.

Big stripers, musky and pike look to mature shad for meaningful meals.

The Savage Gear 3D Shad overcomes the largest obstacle when fishing large baits; big fish leveraging against the bait to pull hooks.  This is the first line-thru bait to feature a hanging treble hook harness option.  When a fish is hooked, the hook harness separates from the bait, minimizing damage to the lure and preventing the fish from using the size and weight of the bait to free itself from the hook.

The 3D Shad is available in 7- and 10-inch sizes and three colors: Gizzard Shad, Hitch and Golden Shiner.  Each bait begins with an internal nylon mesh to strengthen joint sections. The 3D Shad body features two joints to deliver the amazing true-to-life swimming action Savage Gear is known for.