Feel the Vibe

On a recent trip down to El Salto Lake outside of Mazatlan Mexico, the guys from Savage Gear got into a wide open bite on the Fat Vibe baits.  With the incredible side to side vibration, loud distinctive rattle, and swim action on the fall, these baits just plain got it done.  The action was fast and furious, and the bass just kept coming.

The Savage Gear Fat Vibe lipless crankbait was designed to fish the entire water column drawing strikes from a great distance.

Fat Vibe largemouth

The distinct rattling noise and exaggerated belly makes the Fat Vibe deadly on a lift and fall retrieve.

Fat Vibe Largemouth

The Fat Vibe does not spiral down on the fall like most lipless crankbaits, but rather has a side-to-side swimming action on the fall.

Nice Largemouth Fat Vibe

Available in the hottest colors with high quality, super sharp hooks.

Fat Vibe Colors

Here is a video with a more detailed look at the baits and description by Savage Gear USA Product Manager Mike Bennett.





Introducing Savage Gear Lure Bags



The wait is over. Savage Gear tackle bags have finally arrived in the U.S. These heavy-duty bags are designed by anglers, for anglers. Offered in a multiple of styles to help fit the needs of all types of anglers, no matter where or what they are fishing for. These bags are a practical way to transport and store your baits that will in turn lengthen their lifespan. All bags feature a tough 600D non-rip polyester fabric. This durable fabric will last for many years and fishing adventures to come. The zippers are also built tough and made to last, they are corrosion resistant. This is especially useful for all those saltwater fishermen out there.


Savage Gear Lure Specialist Bag

One of the bags offered is our Lure Specialist Large Shoulder Bag. This bag will work great for all you on the go fisherman out there who need easy access to your selection of lures.

Savage Lure Specialist Bag

Savage Lure Specialist Bag

This bag includes one deep 3730-size tackle tray and a 3700-size tray that both fit in the main pocket. Inside the flap of the main pocket there is a clear pocket that can be useful for storing and viewing your fishing license or map. This bag also features a spare rod holder system and an adjustable padded shoulder strap for comfort. There is an easy access tool holder on the side that is perfect fit for pliers. This bag also has an extra mesh pocket on the back and two side pockets for additional storage.

Another bag introduced in the line is the Shoulder Sling Bag. This bag is both comfortable and practical. The front pocket folds down to create a useful standing work station.

Savage Gear Shoulder Sling Bag

Savage Gear Shoulder Sling Bag

The tackle tray attached to the front pocket has a Velcro strap that keeps it secured so you can work with your tackle without the worry of dropping your tray. This bag includes a 3600-size tackle tray and five heavy duty poly zipper bags. Clips on the side of the bag make it convenient to clip on any extra tools you might need. The side of the bag features a spot to hold your extra rod or landing net. It also comes with a spare strap so you can secure the bag to your waist as well. They also added a handy pocket on the side to hold your drink, which can be especially useful for a thirsty fisherman.

Savage Gear Shoulder Sling Bag

Savage Gear Shoulder Sling Bag

Last but definitely not least are the Savage Gear System Box’s. These bags are offered in three different sizes. The small sized bag includes three 3550-size tackle trays, along with three heavy duty poly zipper bags. The smaller bag works great for smaller lures or finesse fishing. The medium sized bag includes a bit more storage at three 3600-size tackle trays with 3 heavy duty poly zipper bags. The large bag is made for the lure fanatic and is especially useful for larger swimbaits. This bag includes the most storage at two 3700-size tackle trays, one deep 3730-size tackle tray, and a 2000-size tackle tray that fits in the side pocket. All sizes of bags feature a front compartment for easy access items, such as cell phones or smaller equipment. They also all feature an elastic bungee top that can be extremely useful to hold extra jackets or material etc.

System Box- Small

System Box- Small

System Box- Small

System Box- Small

System Box-Medium

System Box-Medium

System Box-Medium

System Box-Medium

System Box- Large

System Box- Large

System Box- Large

These bags are an awesome addition to the Savage Gear line, and for any fisherman out there who needs an easy way to transport and store their lures while out on the water. These bags are now available for sale at savagegear-usa.com.

Musky; The Fish of 12,837 Days with Matt Breuer

Nice Musky from Matt Breuer


by Matthew Breuer

Written for Angling Buzz

As a fishing guide, a lifetime angler and a fishing promoter, I pride myself in being able to say that I’ve caught this fish or that fish, the one fish was blah-blah pounds, while the other was blah-blah inches long. I caught a limit of that species in 10 minutes once. 6 fish on 6 casts another time. You get the idea — stupid ego stuff that means nothing to anyone, aside from a child. They’re easily impressed, and believe that anything is cool if you tell the story with enough enthusiasm. Well, what if I told you that it took me 12,837 days to catch my first muskie while actually targeting them?


To be fair, I’ve caught quite a few muskies. I’ve also landed more than my fair share for clients, and watched more muskies come off or break lines than I can count while guiding or fishing. They love eating small walleyes or perch that are being skimmed across the top while pulling crankbaits. I’ve caught muskies on small crankbaits, I’ve caught them on jigs and shiners, caught them on bouncers and blades with a crawler, caught one on a perch while ice fishing, 3 on walleyes while reeling them in, 1 on a small largemouth bass, 1 on a spinnerbait used while bass fishing, snagged one, and caught roughly 5-6 on crappies that I had hooked on the lake my parents lived on until their retirement. These fish all had one thing in common. None of them were caught while actually targeting them.

The story isn’t that depressing, as I was able to catch a 51.5” fish on 6lb. test while pitching jigs for walleyes. Very cool moment. But to spend half a lifetime without being able to put a muskie in the boat for myself on muskie gear was beginning to feel like a monkey on my back. I was tired of netting them for other people, and wanted to feel what they felt..
2016 was going to be my year. That was my only goal in fishing for the year.


Musky Caught on a Savage Gear Swimbait


This summer has been like many others here in northern MN. Extremely busy. I’ve hardly had time to hang out with my kids, let alone find time to get out muskie fishing. When a call came in from Okuma/Savage Gear/Waterwolf asking if I’d be willing to take Mads Grosell muskie fishing, a big yes went to the mastermind behind Savage Gear and their ultra-realistic baits. Mads and Mike Bennett from Savage gear, along with Chad Sandstrom from Team Okuma Midwest arrived in Bemidji, and before we knew it every bait they wanted to test was tested, and we had raised 7 muskies, got Mads his first ever muskie, and caught an 8lb. walleye to boot. I decided right then and there that I was going to put in the time, and work the new baits over, and get myself a muskie.

I knew I’d need help and motivation, so I looked to my wife and one of my best friends. My wife; who is always begging to go muskie fishing would provide the motivation, and Brian Jones, owner of First Choice Guide Service in Cass Lake, MN, to provide the location, boat skills, and comradery.
The first trip out yielded a nice fish for Brian, several other follows, and I lost a nice fish that surfaced and shook my bucktail. It was a heartbreaking moment that dug at me for weeks. Our second adventure provided less action, but I was able to connect. I was tossing the new 12” Line-Thru SS Trout from Savage Gear, and was determined to catch a fish on it. About halfway through our evening, I was hooked up. I watched the bait slide away from the fish and the hooks, just like it was meant to. A fun tussle, a pile of adrenaline, and a perfect hoop job and we had my first intentional muskie in the boat. Lots of high fives ensued, hugs were given, and a monkey was peeled from my back. It was a great moment, shared with two of my favorite people.

Musky from North Country Guide Service


I’m unsure where the fisherman’s tale of muskies being the fish of 10,000 casts came from, but in my research and experience, I think that it’s part fiction, and part science. I’ve never heard of someone actually counting, and actually hooking one on their 10,000th cast. I have, however, watched a client cast once, troll 200 yards, and then hold up his first muskie. I also have a very good friend who is averaging a muskie every 3-4 hours this season. Muskie numbers are on the rise, the number of muskie anglers is on the rise, and technology is helping anglers cut the curve by a long ways. Some baits are so realistic that I want to fillet them and deep fry them. It’s easier now is my point… for some…

After I finally caught my first, I really thought hard about the amount of time I’ve actually spent chasing the elusive esox masquinongy. I figured that I’ve fished for muskies about 37 times. I spent an average of 4.5 hours on the water. If I averaged out burning bucktails and casting pounders or jerk-baits, I figured that I casted roughly 55 times per hour. That accounts for small breaks for water, stretching, whining about my back pain, cussing at muskies that followed and didn’t eat, and moving from spot-to-spot. If you’re any good at math, you’d realize that I was pretty close to being the guy from the age-old tale. A guy who casted 10,000 times… almost. I beat the odds. It took me roughly 9,157 casts to catch my first “on purpose” muskie.
My wife has one muskie trip under her belt, and is next in line to scratch the itch. She was along when I caught my first, and I hope to put her on her first in a much shorter period of time than it took me. I also hope that I don’t have to wait another 9,157 casts until my next fish. If I do, I guess whoever came up with the old tale about muskies being the fish of 10,000 casts will be close once more.
Matthew Breuer
Northcountry Guide Service

Savage Gear Line Thru Musky Bait

Savage Gear 3D PVC Mayfly Nymph A Tactical Solution

On the same bodies of water, fly anglers focus their technique on aquatic insects, while lure anglers focus predominantly on baitfish imitations and crustaceans. Both angler groups can experience great success in the proper periods. Offering a critical insect imitation to lure anglers, Savage Gear has introduced the all-new 3D PVC Mayfly Nymph.

3D PVC Mayfly

Aquatic insects are a key forage items for bass, trout, walleye and panfish.

Mayfly Nymphs emerge in the spring, offering an easily-hunted and protein-laden meal for all freshwater game fish like panfish, trout, bass, walleye and steelhead. The Savage Gear PVC Mayfly Nymph was created utilizing 3-dimensionsal scanning of real nymphs for ultimate realism. Two sizes, including 2- and 2.5” lengths feature life-like antennae, legs and segmented tails that deliver exceptional swimming action.

The 3D PVC Mayfly Nymph are easily and successfully rigged on light jig heads, split shot and drop shot rigs. Under an active retrieve the segmented body delivers an active swimming action. On the pause, legs and antennae undulate, completing the perfect illusion.

Five finishes include Black and Brown for natural imitations, and White Sparkle, Chartreuse Sparkle and Bubble Gum pink for attractor patterns.

Savage Gear 3D Bluegill Is Big Fish Candy

Wherever bluegill are present, they are heavily targeted by bass, pike, musky and a multitude of gamefish.  Based on a 3-dimensional scan of actual bluegill and featuring true-to-life Savage Gear swimbait action, the 3D Bluegill swimbait blurs the line between live bait and artificial like no previous lure has ever accomplished.

Savage Gear Bluegill

The Savage Gear Bluegill is perfect imitation of the live fish. Two sizes include a 5-inch rigged and 6-inch line-thru models.

The exceptional design of the 3D Bluegill becomes very apparent on the water. The action is extremely stable, delivering a wide, rhythmic swimming action on a slow retrieve. Then, the lure can be burned, tightening up the action, but not rolling over. On a hard pause, the 3D Bluegill kicks sideways and coasts to a stop, remaining perfectly vertical.

The 3D Bluegill is available in two sizes and four colors. The 5-inch length is rigged with fixed hooks. The 6-inch 3D Bluegill features line-thru rigging with available top or bottom hook positions. Both sizes are available in the angler’s choice of floating or sinking, and four colors that include Light Gill, Dark, Gill, Redear and Citrus Gill.


Savage Gear 3D Manic Shrimp Review

By: Andrew Benak



Glow Chartreuse


I have been using the Savage Gear 3d Shrimp for a while now and with the new review wanted to post a review. These shrimp are the most life-like shrimp I have seen. I detail in the shrimp is superior to any other. Top that with amazing durability and you have the best 3d shrimp on the market.

As I just stated these shrimp are very detailed and it doesn’t just stop with the look. The action of this bait in the water is top notch. A very slow retrieve will allow the feet to dance and when you stop reeling the action in the tail creates a strike to any hungry fish. My technique with this lure is lead the fish, begin with a slowwww retrieve to resemble a swimming/crawling shrimp. If the water is clear I simply continue a slow retrieve. If water is murky and I think the redfish will have a little issue seeing the bait I do a simple rod raise and fall to bring the shrimp up in the water column to provide more action, resulting in a better chance of the redfish seeing the bait.

Durability of this lure is surprising good! The inner netting holds this bait together fish after fish. I still have baits in new condition after weeks of fishing and catching. The plastic material itself is very durable as well. You will eventually get a tear or two in the bait but nothing to hinder the action of the lure.

One more thing about this lure that I really like is the under slot for the hook. I use it to put pro-cure in. I just open it up and fill it with a decent amount of pro-cure and bam! you have the deadliest shrimp bait on the market!

Here is a video of one shrimp getting a good workout for the day! Good luck out there and fish hard!



To find out more about the Savage Gear TPE Manic Shrimp, please visit http://www.savagegear-usa.com/product/view/lures/shrimp-lures/tpe-manic-shrimp


Savage Gear Line Thru Tips and Techniques

There has been a lot of buzz around the introduction of the Savage Gear Line Thru trout over the last couple of seasons.  These baits have been a staple for many a fisherman after the first couple of uses.  They have be absolutely wrecking largemouth bass, striped bass, redfish, and many other species.  People often ask us how we rig out baits.  Here is a great little video by Savage Gear USA product manager Mike Bennett on the Line Thru family, as well as some basic rigging techniques.



The amount of fish that the Line Thru Baits have been getting has been pretty incredible.  We get daily posts with Savage Gear USA being tagged in the photos.  Here are a small selection of them that came through via our Instagram page.  @SavageGearUSA

Line Thru 1 Line Thru 2 LIne Thru 3 Line Thru 4

Here are a few key features of the 3D Line Thru baits.

• Based on 3D Scan of real Trout with detailed fin and facial details for clear water applications.
• Line thru design lets the bait slide up the line when the fish is hooked for a higher hook to land ratio.
• Available in three sink rates: Floating, slow sink, and sinking.
• Tapered tail for micro movement on drift and slow retrieves.
• Nylon mesh throughout the joint sections on the bait so it will not tear.


For more information on the Savage Gear Line through, join us at http://www.savagegear-usa.com/product/view/lures/line-thru-series/3d-line-thru-swimbait


Angler Sticks 13-lb. 11-oz. Largemouth On Savage Gear 3D Craw

We love getting photos and hearing stories of big fish caught on Savage Gear lures. Chris Conley of Pleasanton, CA sent us over some great photos of a big bucketmouth he stuck on a Savage Gear 3D Craw.

“There’s a lake near my house in Northern California filled with trophy bass like this one.” Conley said. “I’ve avoided this lake because the fish are so hard to catch. They get so big from eating planted trout and know the difference between a live fish and a swimbait. The lake has 20+ feet visibility which makes them extremely weary.”

The big female choked down the Savage Gear 3D Craw

The big female choked down the Savage Gear 3D Craw

“A guy named Blake at the local bait shop (who also deserves the credit) has fished the lake and swears by the Savage 3D Craws with the stand-up jig head. The lake does have crawfish the exact color of the 3D craw I picked up that day.”

13Craw_4 copy“I came across a bed and saw this female nearby. I pitched the craw in her direction and gave it a few shakes. She gulped it down without any hesitation and that was it. I’ve tried jigs and other crawfish imitations in this lake without any luck but the 3D craw was the ticket! I also caught an eight pounder the next day off the same bait. All fish were of course released.”

Click here to see the full 3D Craw line up: http://www.savagegear-usa.com/product/view/lures/3d-craw/3d-craw-1