Angler Sticks 13-lb. 11-oz. Largemouth On Savage Gear 3D Craw

We love getting photos and hearing stories of big fish caught on Savage Gear lures. Chris Conley of Pleasanton, CA sent us over some great photos of a big bucketmouth he stuck on a Savage Gear 3D Craw.

“There’s a lake near my house in Northern California filled with trophy bass like this one.” Conley said. “I’ve avoided this lake because the fish are so hard to catch. They get so big from eating planted trout and know the difference between a live fish and a swimbait. The lake has 20+ feet visibility which makes them extremely weary.”

The big female choked down the Savage Gear 3D Craw

The big female choked down the Savage Gear 3D Craw

“A guy named Blake at the local bait shop (who also deserves the credit) has fished the lake and swears by the Savage 3D Craws with the stand-up jig head. The lake does have crawfish the exact color of the 3D craw I picked up that day.”

13Craw_4 copy“I came across a bed and saw this female nearby. I pitched the craw in her direction and gave it a few shakes. She gulped it down without any hesitation and that was it. I’ve tried jigs and other crawfish imitations in this lake without any luck but the 3D craw was the ticket! I also caught an eight pounder the next day off the same bait. All fish were of course released.”

Click here to see the full 3D Craw line up: