Savage Gear 3D Rad (Rat) Offers A Substantial Meal


Truly big fish don’t live on tiny minnows and bugs. To fuel a need for big calories, trophy bass, musky, pike and brown trout target meals with substance, that make the exertion necessary to kill the prey worth the effort. To truly big fish, rats and field mice are a special treat, and the all-new Savage Gear 3D Rad delivers the perfect illusion.

The 3D Rad is based upon a 3-dimensional scan of an actual rat for true-to-life detail.  The body of the bait features dual joints to swim with supreme realism. Front legs are also jointed, breaking up the rigidity of the bait and furthering an incredibly natural look. Two line tie positions offer differing presentations. Connected to the upper line tie, the 3D Rad swims just subsurface, body fully immersed, offering a strong visual presence. Connected to the lower line tie, the bait rides higher, on the surface, putting off an amazing wake while swimming with a fluid, lifelike action.

The 3D Rad comes in two sizes and four colors for all locations and conditions.  Length of 7.75” and 11.75” include the length of the tail. Both sizes include options for hook locations.  In addition to belly placements, an optional hook location is available on the back of the 11.75” size so this bait can be rigged to fish over matted vegetation or other surface structure. Finish options include White, Brown, Gray and Black to match available live mammals or create attention-grabbing contrast.

Each bait includes one body and two tails. Due to the violence with which fish strike the 3D Rad, repair kits are available for each size (sold separately).  Each repair kit includes one tail, one set ears, one set arms and one set legs.

Savage Gear 3D Rad

Twin joints and two pull positions give this rat an action like no other.